Wood Carving is a recent activity, inspired by the myriad of driftwood pieces collected over the years.

A favorite "driftwood face" hanging in Charles's office was photographed against a moody Cavendish Beach in Prince Edward Island. 

Viking Warrior is another animated visage, carved from the trunk of a willow tree. 

The tree met its demise in Charles's backyard during historic hurricane Juan. Eight other trees in the yard suffered the same fate. 

A heavy 6 inch by 6 inch timber, carted home from a beach on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, was transformed into The Viking King. 

This carving serves double duty during the Christmas holidays with the placing of a red stocking cap on his head. Situated near the entrance foyer, he greets visitors to Charles & Noel's festive occasions.

 Wood carving projects with a more utilitarian purpose are constantly being added to the "To Do" list

The face of a smiling forest troll adorns the highly visible house number facing urban traffic, as well as a backyard garden chair.