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News Release - Carriage House Gallery - Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 

Charles Doucet is a relative newcomer to the Carriage House Gallery, but his work has attracted enormous attention. Doucet is distinct in that he is a fine art photographer. While the Carriage House Gallery rarely exhibits photography, the gallery has made an exception in the case of Charles Doucet because, according to Gallery spokesperson Jack Sheriff, "the quality of Doucet's work is akin to that of the painter." Also an oil painter, Doucet describes his work as art-influenced photography. Says Sheriff, "anyone who has seen Charles Doucet's work cannot believe that his remarkable studies are photographs."


"Charles Doucet's fine art photography is marvellous! I find he brings a strong painter's eye to his choices of subject matter, composition, colours and textures. For example, his award winning portrait, "Family of Wolves" is a magical image - bordering on the surreal."

                                Bill Fraser - Lynwood Gallery   Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

The painterly style of Doucet's fine art photographs ideally lends itself to wall hangings in a home or corporate atmosphere. Bold, larger than life images add dramatic statements suited to the character of its location.

Colour coordination with any imagined decor is easy with the extensive subject matter in Doucet's large collection of images: The BLUES of the sky and water, GREEN of grass and leaves, REDS and ORANGES of amaryllis and tiger lily flowers, sunrises and sunsets, the Autumn season. BROWNS of wild animal portraits: deer, lynx, wolves. GREYS and BLACKS of winter woods and driftwood. The WHITE of schooner sails and winter landscapes   



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